The 16 year old high school football player who has recently been reported of puncturing the hands of 28 people in the handshake line after the game wherein his team won, has now been facing deep trouble as he was charged of 27 assaults in connection for the hand puncturing that he did. In this case, the minor would surely need the help of a good Fort Myers criminal lawyer to be sure that he would still have all of his rights equally protected.

Fort Myers criminal attorneys are an expert individual who handles the cases of people who have been charged with criminal cases like the case of the disturbed teen. He would know what exactly to do in order to prevent, or at least lessen the significant punishment that the teen would sure be facing.

According to the reports, the teen would be receiving charges during the upcoming hearing, where he has the choice to either admit the accusations of puncturing the hands of 28 players of their opponent team or deny them. If he admits of hurting the players of the other team, he would be forwarded to the Highland Country Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Greer. However, if he says that he is not aware of any of the things being accused to him, there would be a pretrial hearing that would be done before the arraignment procedure.

However, whichever he does, deny or admit, he would definitely need the help of an experienced Lawyers in Fort Myers as he would surely receive punishments for what he did. According to the Record Herald, the teen has already been ousted in the football team. He is also about to get other disciplinary actions as set by the Washington Court house School Districts code of student discipline.

According to the doctor, the players who have been pricked by what seemed to be a tack has initially felt the pain when it happened; however, they gave no serious reaction about it as they though it just hit their nerve or something. But some of them initially reacted by looking at their hands where they surprisingly saw blood.

The student still refuses to say anything about the reason why he did the action. However, whatever reason he has, it would not be able to give bring back the tetanus shots that all 28 members of the team has received because of what he has done. Whether he has no intentions of hurting the member of the other team, or he did this intentionally, he has already caused serious damage on the players and would have to face all the necessary disciplinary actions for the act that he has done.