Based on police records and the Fort Myers County Jail, the subsequent people were recently arrested by local authorities and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs:

Ronnie Gilbert Jr., 21, 270 Cut Off Road. Fort Myers, was arrested at 18:15 on Monday. October 6, 2011 by the Police Department of Rome and was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and open container. Gilbert stayed in jail Monday night. No photo is available at this time.

If you are arrested for DUI in Fort Myers, the consequences can be very high. A DUI conviction carries mandatory prison term, mandatory license suspension, fines and court costs - it is clear that a conviction for DUI is extremely serious.

If you are involved in DUI arrests in Fort Myers, the first thing to do is find a DUI attorney. A DUI offense in Florida State cannot be erased from your record. While a DUI is a felony, it is also difficult to defend a criminal case. This is due to a DUI case involves the fusion of scientific evidence, police testimony, and issues of constitutional law.

A person charged with a DUI offense refers to a probation officer conducting an interview. Based on this interaction, the agent makes suggestions to a judge who passes the final verdict. If you are guilty or not guilty depending on whether the judge imposes a sentence.

The scientific evidence in a case related to the DUI includes the breath test. Using a breath test machine is not as simple as blowing into a tube. There is a mandatory procedure in place to achieve the most accurate results possible. If you have something in your mouth that could catch even a drop of liquid, the machine will give an artificially high BAC result. For example, poorly fitting dentures, lost fillings, untreated decay, or a tongue piercing can cause a defect in any reading of alcohol. Before each breath test, there is a mandatory observation period.

The police officer will check your mouth and then can not eat or drink until the waiting period is over and you have completed the breath test, otherwise the food or drink can interfere with the breath test. It is important to tell your attorney in Fort Myers if you burp or vomit during this waiting period, which can artificially increase the reading of alcohol in the blood.

A DUI conviction is very severe. If you have been arrested for DUI, it is vital that you hire a DUI lawyer for your Fort Myers DUI arrests to start your defense immediately.